Pergola vs Gazebo: What To Know Before You Buy

Pergola with a grill and hardscape floor

When it comes to a backyard pergola vs gazebo, both can be the perfect way to upgrade outdoor spaces. Not only are they a great place to relax, but they can also add value and functionality to your home.

5 Great Benefits of Hydroseed For Your Landscape

If you’re like most homeowners, you take pride in your lawn. After all, a well-manicured lawn can make your home look more attractive and inviting. But what if your lawn is patchy? If you have bare spots or patches of dead grass, it can make your entire home look neglected. However, if you’re looking to […]

How To Plant Garlic: A Complete Guide And More

Garlic is a popular and simple crop to grow at home and is a staple ingredient in many recipes. Planting and harvesting your own garlic at home is a fun project that requires relatively little work and keeps your garden active year-round.  So today, the team at Farrell’s Lawn & Garden Center put together this […]

Your Guide to Perfect Planting Zones in Ohio

Walking the aisles of a large gardening store can be overwhelming. The plants on the seed packages look bright and healthy, but are they the right plants for your garden? Many homeowners struggle to decide what to plant each spring. Having a local approach to gardening is your best bet for a flourishing garden. The […]

9 Ohio-Native Plants Your Garden Is Missing

Rolling hills, beautiful mountainsides, and seasonal flora attract visitors to Ohio each year. However, you can also have a manicured, manageable, and healthy piece of the hills right in your yard! These perennial Ohio-native plants can brighten your garden and beautify your home naturally. These nine plants are not only beautiful, but they have some […]

How To Install A Weed Barrier For Better Landscaping

This Is The Basic Process For How Contractors Install A Weed Barrier For Clients In Williams County, Ohio, And The Surrounding Areas In this post, you can find out how landscape fabric works, its benefits, what you’ll need to install it, how to install it, and tips. How Does Landscaping Fabric Work? You’ll love having […]