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How Much Does Commercial Landscaping Cost & What Changes It

This Is What Businesses In Defiance County And Fulton County, Ohio As Well As Steuben County, Indiana Can Expect To Pay For Commercial Landscaping

Business with landscaping

Businesses need a good landscape because that’s one of the first impressions people have. If you went up to a company with bad landscaping or dead plants, what would that say to you?

In this post, you can find out how much commercial landscaping costs. You can also discover how your choices can change the price.

If The Hospital Did It…

“Melissa, have you seen the hospital’s landscaping?” asks Josh excitedly.

“Mmmm, no, I don’t think I’ve passed by that way in a while,” answers Melissa. “Why?” Josh grins excitedly. “They did some new stuff to it and it looks pretty good, like, we should look into it for our business good.”

Melissa stands up from the kitchen counter. “Really?? I never thought about landscaping too hard before. How much does commercial landscaping cost?”

Josh shrugs. “I haven’t looked at commercial landscaping prices. Wanted to run it buy you first as an idea.”

“Let’s look it up and talk about it from there,’ says Melissa. She picks her phone up from the countertop. “Time to get to Googling. Maybe a contractor will have it on their commercial landscaping page.”

Here’s what the couple uncovers:

How Much Does Commercial Landscaping Cost?

Commercial landscaping costs can range from $5,000 to $75,000 and higher. Much of it depends on which side of basic to high-end your project falls on. Commercial landscaping prices also change due to the total square footage of your landscape, any upgrades, your planting choices, and your overall design.

Basic Landscape Maintenance Service

Basic Landscape Maintenance Service – About $5,000. This includes removing and replacing the landscape installation for a small office building with a similar-sized parking lot.

Basic Landscape Renovation Package

Basic Landscape Renovation Package – About $20,000. This includes removing and replacing the landscape installation for a small office building of around 40 by 60 square feet with a similar-sized parking lot.

Average Landscape Renovation Package

Average Landscape Renovation Package – About $35,000. This includes commercial landscaping service for a large office building, like a hospital building, a realtor’s office, or a smaller office building that aims for a high-end appearance.

High-End Landscape Renovation Package

High-End Landscape Renovation Package – About $75,000. This includes commercial landscaping services for large and very large areas, like a business park or a hospital campus.

**Prices are averages and may change depending mainly on the factors listed below

4 Main Factors That Change Commercial Landscaping Prices

Exterior view of an office building front yard with stone and simple plants landscape, and three flags in the middle

The total square footage of your landscape. The amount of area there is to landscape changes how much time, labor, and materials we need.

Any upgrades. Upgrades can take your landscape to the next level! To do this, we may need more time, labor, and materials. We may need special tools and equipment and different processes to bring your vision to life.

Your planting choices. Some plants are more expensive than others. It can depend on annual vs perennial, rarity, size, ease of transportation, location, and more.

Your overall design. It comes down to whether your design is more base or complex. Each takes a different amount of time, labor, and materials to create. 

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“Well, now we have some things to talk about!” says Melissa excitedly. “We’re going to make a great first impression on clients.” Josh grins back. “Awesome. Let’s talk about it while we check out the other posts on this blog. Never know what gold we might find.”

More commercial landscaping posts coming soon!

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