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How Much An Outdoor Living Space You’ll Love Costs To Build

This Is How Much Our Clients In Defiance County And Fulton County, Ohio As Well As Steuben County, Indiana, Are Investing To Better Enjoy Their Outdoor Area

Outdoor living space with concrete patio and furniture

It’s a great idea to know how much something costs. This is especially true for larger, costlier projects like outdoor living areas.

In this post, you can find out the cost of an outdoor living space. You can also discover the main reasons the cost can change.

We Should Enjoy Our Own Outdoors

“We always have to go somewhere to enjoy the outdoors,” complains Melissa.

Josh raises an eyebrow at her. “Okay,” he says slowly. “It always has to be a weekend thing,” continues Melissa. “We can’t ever do it at home or on a weekday.”

Josh sets his phone down. “I’m listening,” he says, sitting forward. “Why don’t we have someone build an outdoor living space in our backyard. I’ve already looked into outdoor living space costs!” says Melissa.

“Let’s hear it,” says Josh with a smile. “Sounds awesome to me!” Melissa smiles back and hands him her phone. “Here, you can read all about it.”

This is what Josh finds out:

The Cost Of An Outdoor Living Space

Patio with covered outdoor kitchen and dining area and fire place and water feature

Outdoor living spaces cost anywhere from $35,000 to $125,000 and up. The cost mainly depends on the total square footage, overall design, structure choice, materials, upgrades, and accessibility.

Basic Outdoor Living Space Cost – $35,000. This includes a simple pavers/flagstone patio with grading around, firepit, pergola, and landscaping.

Average Outdoor Living Space Cost – $60,000. This includes a paver patio with a fire pit, steps up to the door, a simple seating wall, accent shapes in the patio, planting material, a small pergola or pavilion, and basic exterior lighting.

High-End Outdoor Living Space Cost – $125,000. This includes a large paver patio with raised sections, entertainment spaces, outdoor grill and bar, large pavilion, pool coping, stone steps, walkway, premium lighting, premium planting material, and a drip irrigation system.

**Prices are averages and may change depending on the following factors.

The Main Factors That Cause Price Changes

Covered patio with furniture and television

Total square footage. The more area your outdoor living space project covers the more it can cost. Larger areas take more time, labor, and materials to build up. This does give you more to enjoy though! Smaller projects can still be costly depending on the other factors.

Overall design. The more complex your design is the more it’ll cost. It can take more time, labor, and equipment to complete. It may also take other trades or special equipment. The more we need to do the more the price will increase.

Structure choice. Decks, patios, water features, pergolas, and all the other structures have different costs. They’re built differently and sometimes with various materials. Each one has a unique building process too.

Pergola covering a patio with more in the background

Materials. One example of this is that stone costs differently from wood. Outdoor living area costs can also change based on the material quality.

Upgrades. Some upgrades people choose are televisions, speakers, and water feature lighting. Upgrades take more time, labor, and materials to build in (but are totally worth it).

Accessibility. We may need to bring in machines and larger materials into your backyard. If we can do this easily, no problem. If we need to make room, like by taking down part of a fence, that’ll increase the cost. Or, if we have to move in everything by hand, dolly, or wheelbarrow (it’s backbreaking labor at that point).

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“We may not need to leave the house to visit the outdoors every weekend anymore,” says Josh happily. Melissa nods excitedly. “Right?! I haven’t kept exploring, let’s do that together right now!”

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