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Our Plants

Get started on your garden now. Farrell's is packed with a vast variety of vegetables, plants, and herbs!


Herbs reap a variety of benefits including aromatherapy, or adding organic flavor to your kitchen. Choose between the soothing smells of lavender, and the kick of peppermint to decide which fits you!

Fresh herbs are not only essential for adding rich flavors to your culinary dishes, they can also be made into tea blends or used medicinally for all of their health promoting benefits. We carry over 150 varieties of annual and perennial herbs.


An Annual plant is one that completes its life cycle within a year, from germination to mature growth, and then dies. Vibrant annuals are a quick way to add color to your landscapes for the spring and summer. They are also the best performers in container gardens, window boxes and hanging planters.

We offer the highest quality of premium annuals and accent foliage, along with a wide variety of classic bedding annuals grown from seed here at the Garden Center. Nothing screams warmer weather like beautiful and bright annuals. From potting in containers to planting in your flower beds, there is a color and style for everyone!

House/Air Plants

Houseplants do more than bring living beauty indoors with green foliage and bright flowers, they also clean the air in your home and bring a host of physical health benefits to your body.

You can find a large variety at Farrell’s, perfect for any part of your home, from plants that can withstand low-light and little care, to those that thrive by a bright-lit window.


Trendy, easy to care for and strikingly unique succulents make for the perfect house plant. We carry a variety of succulents, ensuring you’ll find one you love! Succulents are a must have for any houseplant collection because they are not only strikingly beautiful but also very easy to care for, and if properly potted, require little maintenance to survive indoors. Succulent plants are known for their thick, juicy leaves because that’s where they tend to store water, allowing them to survive in dry climates with little water.

We carry all the classics like Aloe Vera and many more new and unique varieties in different size containers. Shop our collection of custom, handcrafted succulent gardens, or stock up on a variety of small potted succulents to create your own. With over a hundred different succulents, you will easily find something you love.


Thriving in dry conditions, cacti are popular plants for busy individuals! With Pincushions, Prickly Pears, and dozens more bring a touch of the West into your home. Cacti are native to the Americas and thrive in dry, desert conditions with very little water.

Like succulents, cacti are made up of thick, fleshy parts adapted to store water. For cacti, this water storage happens in the stem since they grow spines instead of leaves. Bring a touch of the desert to your Midwest home with our ever-growing collection of cactus plants like Prickly Pear, Pincushion, Grafted, Christmas cactus, and more.


Tropical plants are plants that originated from the tropical regions of the world and are known for their bold textures, vivid colors, and rich scents. These plants are the perfect way to add a tropical flair to your gardens and patios. Just remember to bring them inside at the end of summer to winter them over.

Our Tropical department is fully stocked from April through June. You can find everything from unique foliage and blooming Hibiscus, Mandevilla or Bougainvillea, to fragrant Jasmine, Gardenias, and more. Bring the tropics to your home or patio with our giant tropical plants. The perfect addition to your pond or poolside, our greenhouse has an exotic style just for you!

Mulch And Soil

Farrell’s Lawn & Garden Center carries all your landscape and gardening needs with our mulch and soil collection. We have multiple types of bagged soil, from advanced potting mix to standard top soil.

We offer everything from organic to man made soils with fertilizer already mixed in. Bagged soils are great for when you only need a specific amount of soil for smaller projects. We recommend using only potting mixes for container gardening, as top soil is much too dense and should only be used in landscaping or gardening projects.

Top-dress your landscape beds and keep weeds to a minimum with our mulch. We offer mulch in bag or in bulk! Please click the shop button at the top of the page if you are interested in purchasing some mulch or soil!

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